Hello! I'm Innes

Guitarist for Klassik and Venus & the Snake, wine salesman, dad and foodie.

Taking on the World, on day at a time

What is this blog about?

I love telling stories and best of all, telling friends and family about amazing new places, experiences, wines, music…the list goes on. This is essentially my place for telling the world what not to miss out on. 

Born in the Platteland, I come from humble beginnings of playing in the streets with friends until the sun sets and you mom calls you in for dinner. I was lucky enough to travel and work in some amazing places when I started my career in Hospitality. After getting married and starting a family we moved back to my home town of Moorreesburg to “settle down”, but life wasn’t ready for us to do so and after a few years in the Platteland we moved back to Cape Town and life has just been one crazy, insane amazing adventure. So much so, that I want to share these adventures and experiences with you. I’m adapting to this new and crazy life, but deep down I am just a guy from the Platteland.


Join me for behind the scenes adventures with some of the most amazing wineries, restaurants, music festivals and events, podcasts and more.