Once again something spectacular is going to happen in the small town of Darling! Initiator of the Darling Voorkamerfest Wim Visser, and the Fontys University founded a completely new project, produced by the Darling Festival Trust.

The Darling Collection is a state-of-the-art exhibition about the stories behind forty-one sentimental objects collected from Darling’s community. Based on these intriguing objects and the wonderful stories behind them, a spectacular exhibition is created that includes all different disciplines of art, such as theatre, visual art, music, dance and film.

Eight students have been working diligently on creating new music, dances, short productions, and songs. Since they arrived they have been working with the object owners: meeting up with them involving them with the objects. With contribution from the community they are going to dance, sing, and act and more!

You are given the opportunity to experience the story of a small community translated into modern day art forms. Darling offers an experience to nostalgic stories in a way that you have never seen before!

The event will take place from the 29th of April to the 1st of May located in Darling, in the tent on the corner of Durban Street and Somerset Circle. Save the dates to an exceptional experience!

Ticket prices are R15 for a Day Pass and R30 for a Weekend Pass.
For tickets & information, call or email us at:
T: 082 321 7542 E: collection@voorkamerfest-darling.co.za
Visit our website: www.voorkamerfest-darling.co.za/the-darling-collection