It’s nearly summertime is South Africa and we are all looking to shed some winter weight. This tasty salad is low in carbs and high in protein. Perfect for the waistline and packed with flavour!


3 Small cooked shredded soles (about 2 cups of meat) or any kind of white fish.

250g Cooked crispy bacon

1 Cup of fresh peas, frozen is fine too

1 Head of your favourite lettuce or a small pack of mixed lettuce

1 Cup of chopped cucumber

1 Handful of crumbled feta

Your favourite salad dressing or get a recipe here – Tangy Salad Dressing


Shred the lettuce into smaller pieces and add to the bottom of a big salad bowl. Add cucumber then the fish and the bacon and finish with peas and feta. Serve on a hot day with some salad dressing.