We all love a ‘feel good’ story, don’t we? Well we have some amazing people in platteland communities doing some amazing things for a large variety of causes. We have, however, found this truly remarkable school in Darling. They are called the DMA and we are blown away by what they are doing for the people of Darling…

The functions and objectives of the Darling Music for All / Darling Musiek vir Almal (DMA) initiative is to uplift, support, educate and develop the underprivileged youth of the community through music; by making available to them musical instruments and music tutoring. Their goal is to develop a youth orchestra, youth choir, brass-based band and jazz ensemble. That’s quite an undertaking!

The DMA was officially formed in February 2011 as a NPO, with an executive committee, two of whom double-up as tutors. Student lessons are being hosted at the Early Childhood Development Centre which is part of the Darling Trust, in the DMA rehearsal rooms at The Focus Centre, as well as private homes and church centres. Learners will develop to become future tutors, thus enabling the project to become sustainable.

Where possible, the DMA is currently collaborating with other music organisations / schools / universities and NGO’s. This will result in mutually beneficial relationships in the field of music tuition. eg: The Darling Trust.

The donations of instruments of any type which could be used for the tutoring of students is always welcome. They also require teachers for piano, violin, flute, brass instruments, wind / reed instruments, drum / percussion and to lead a youth choir.

The initiative follows similar principles as the more successful El Sistema initiative in Venezuela. This is an amazing example of such a sustainable project.

They are always in need of help, wether in the form of volunteers (as tutors or at fundraising events), donations (instrumental or monetary) or just by supporting the students by attending their concerts. This is a great initiative to get behind. The smiles on their faces at their End of Year Concert is well worth it!

Contact them from their website or donate to this great cause here