So… Platteland?

Yes! The platteland…a place where the air is fresh, there is wide open spaces and people greet each other in the streets. This is where most of us know each other and have kuiers by the fire. We also like to eat meat and drink brandy, beer or wine.

Dit is die plek waar vriende mekaar in die Spar raakloop en sê: “Lekker en jy?” Die mans praat oor bakkies, sport en vertel jagstories. Die vrouens drink tee, ry die kinders skooltoe en doen hulle hare. ( Ja ek terg net….)

So why do we live in the platteland and what do we do here? Well, most of us in fact aren’t farmers…for some reason as soon as you say “I’m from Moorreesburg” people tend to respond “Oh, do you farm there?” No, we have small to very large businesses, schools, municipalities, hospitals…so most of us have ‘normal’ jobs. We just happen to live in smaller communities where our children can still play in the streets in front of the house and the cashier at the local sore or bank greets you by the name.

In die platteland leef ons nader aan die natuur. Jy kan op jou bergfiets klim en die grondpad aandurf, jy hoef nie te bespreek om gou ‘n rondte gholf te gaan speel nie en ons strande is nie elke dag vol mense nie.

We also have some of the best wineries, as well as some of the best beer, restaurants, venues, and the list goes on…

The Platteland life really is the best life!


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