The idea for our company started back in August 2011 when we decided to start an organisation based on helping small businesses market themselves by using the means of social media and other cost effective web based platforms.

We often approach potential clients and after we offer our services we get a quick reply saying, “no thank you, I do it myself”. We all know that using social media for marketing purposes is free. It only takes time. So why not try to do it yourself?

Here are some common things that can lead to a disaster for your business if you don’t know what you are doing regarding your business’s social media:

You don’t always have time to give your social media accounts your full attention. You might have enough time to post regularly, but, should anyone respond to your specials or offers, you might be too busy to answer for hours or even days. This results in poor customer service for the world to see.

When you do your own social media, business might become personal.  We have seen and heard of many cases where people make inappropriate comments or statements on social media. This might be as a result of an emotional outburst, intoxication, religious or cultural beliefs, etc. Should you start or become involved in such a discussion, your brand could be damaged to a large extent. Comments you (or rather your business) make will forever stay on the internet to haunt you and your business.

Lack of knowledge about social media will make you look unprofessional and incompetent. These days having a social media presence is a must. Your potential and current customers are already looking for your business on all social media platforms. Having an out of date and unprofessional looking social media presence could make you lose customers.

“Many businesses who do their own social media, big or small, do it very well. A lot of them, unfortunately don’t. This is harming their brand and the whole world can see it.”

Lack of knowledge in social media could have you miss out on great brand exposure -Example: If you are a photographer, using a platform like Twitter might not be the best platform for you. The same goes for any business type. Not specialising in social media could also let you fall behind the current trends.

Lack of knowledge regarding social media T’s & C’s could lead to account suspension or closure – Social media platforms’ terms and conditions are always changing and being updated. If your pages or accounts don’t comply you could get in serious trouble. Trust us, Facebook can close your business page with thousands of “likes” without notice, should you breach their T’s & C’s.

Social media should not be something you do because everyone else is doing it, but because your current and potential clients want to interact with you. If you are not doing it well, they will find a similar product or service who does.”

Please consider getting a professional business to advise you on how to get the most out of this wonderful world of social media! We have helped a number of businesses, sports clubs and non-profit organisations to grow their web presence. We are constantly researching innovative marketing ideas to help our clients get the best value for their money. With more than four years of experience and a growing portfolio, Social Tulips should be the first marketing agency you call when you need assistance in marketing your business online!

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