After achieving tremendous success with the Darling Cellars Chocoholic Pinotage, the famous winery have developed an eye catching wine made from the increasingly popular Cinsault grape.

The packaging can certainly not be missed. A truly in-your-face, standout red design that exactly shows you what to expect when your pour you first glass.

What I believe will make this wine successful is the fact that it’s not completely dry. It is by no means a sweet wine but there is just enough sweetness there for you to take note of. This character will open the wine to both wine enthusiasts and newcomers to wine drinking.

The wine boasts with a typical Cinsault red berry character with wiffs of liquorice to excite the nose.

The palate is slightly jammy with the red berry character really coming through. The finish is slightly sweet but well balanced by a cranberry-like acidity.

To me this is the ultimate braai wine. You can chill it slightly in the summer and serve it at room temperature during winter. It’s not too heavy but has enough body to feel like a good red wine.

Awaken your naughty side with the Darling Cellars Cinful Cinsault, available at a retailer near you!